So Quiet is a lifestyle and stationery brand run by our small creative team and family, Daria & Daniel. We are originally from Russia but currently based in Wroclaw, Poland.


Our products are created with the mission to inspire you to take a break and escape from the noisy world for a while, catch lovely little details of everyday life, and get in touch with your true self, what you believe, and love.

So Quiet is about listening, seeing, thinking and enjoying things by yourself.

We believe everybody needs quiet places. We hope to help you with your search for simple things that restore your mood and nurture your imagination. We truly wish our products to bring something special to your space and your inner world.


I'm a self-taught illustrator, a founder of So Quiet brand and I'm an introvert. I am passionate about drawing warm scenes with muted color palettes and handwritten typography.


I dedicated myself to drawing because I believe that everything we see around has a great influence on our moods and our thoughts. The things like reading, observing the night sky, autumn, rain, forest, calm music and history have always been so fascinating and inspiring for me. These little things of simple living help me hear myself better and express feelings with my works.


I'm so excited to have recently released my own art product line that is now available on this site.