Music for you: The Distance Playlist

Here is my The Distance Spotify Playlist with lovely wordless music that takes your breath away. ??


Most of the time I draw in complete silence. But whenever it hard to concentrate on starting (or finishing ?) an amount of work,  I make sure to have an instrumental background to find focus and stay inspired. There are days when calm tunes help me to dive into the feelings I want to express in a drawing. So music is an amazing thing! I really hope you enjoy!  

 The Distance Playlist :

1. KLZ  - Time

2. Jason Swinscoe - Arrival of the birds

3. John Henriksson - The Distance

4. Alexandre Desplat - Elisa's Theme

5. Riopy - New York

6. Melissa Parmenter - Stockholm

7. Benny Treskow - Sunday Stroll

8. Justin Hurwitz - Engagement Party

9. Mae Ji Yoon - Vibrations

10. David Fischbein - Skinny Love

11. Rayn Farish - Beautiful

12. Hushed - Lanterns

13. Devin Sinha - Orion

14. Alexandra Streliski - Plus Tot

15. Nils Frahm - A Walking Embrace

16. Andrew Bird - Danse Carribe

17. Ludovico Einaudi - Fly

18. The Flashbulb - Tomorrow Untrodden

19. SYML - Where's My Love (piano and viola version)

20. Thomas Newman - Nemo Egg